Saint James Irish Pub

91 Purchase Street, Fall River, Massachusetts, USA

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Saint James’ Pub

I like this session for the fact that they are all great people, one of the friendliest sessions on the planet. Bill Black (Banjo) & Rich Danforth (U-Pipes) tend to ‘lead’ this session, but it’s very egalitarian. Starts at 8:00, I’ve only been a dozen times or so but I’ve always gone away happy. Many “bread & butter tunes” & Bill Black is fond of polka sets as Rich will always play the Pinch of Snuff (in every key) much to the piss taking of everyone around him. It’s all in good fun though, if you ever have the misfortune of being stuck in Fall Rivre, at least you know that there is something good there.

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Still going; Wednesdays at 8.30pm.

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Session is back on, 8:30 start.