67 Church Street, Inverness, Highlands, Scotland

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Hootnanny’s Ceilidh Bar

A brilliant venue and a huge asset to the city of Inverness. The ground floor is solely dedicaded to trad music with ‘real’ trad bands every thursday, friday and saturday and sessions fours nights a week, sunday through to wednesday.

Starts 9pm
Sunday night - The Clach (local band) lots scots songs
Monday night - Brian O‘headhra from ’Anam’ with others www.brianoheadhra.com
Tuesday night - Bob Massie (Anna Massie’s dad, young trad musician winner 2003) with other
Wednesday night - Alternates between Sofie Jonsson (from sweden) and Graeme Scott with others

Great atmosphere with plenty of room for lots of musicians and very friendly

Too busy…

We were there on Monday 8 August just to listen but were quite disappointed. Although there were microphones on the musicians in the downstairs bar it was impossible to hear them at all. At one point I stood a foot away to the side of a fiddler trying to listen to what she was playing and I couldn’t hear her!

They were crowded in by a hen party, which wasn’t helping, but the main problem was the acoustics of the room.

Are sessions still going?


I’m visiting Scotland this summer with some friends, and we will stay near Inverness from 11th to 18th August. We would love to join a session and play, so I would like to know what of the listed sessions are still alive 🙂

Is the one at Hootnanny’s Ceilidh Bar still going? Is it an ‘open session’ (foreign musicians welcome)?

Thank you in advance; greetings from Spain!

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesdays at 9:30pm

These regular sessions are still going strong and are probably your best bet for a tune if you’re in Inverness on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday night. Music starts at 9:30pm and goes on till closing time (normally around midnight).

Usually hosted by:

Nick Firth - Monday
Bob Massie - Tuesday
Melanie Simpson - Wednesday

Re: Hootananny

Went for a session yesterday with you guys, had a blast!! Tapadh leibh!

Re: Hootananny

Can anyone confirm if there is a session on Wednesday night 15/11/17. I am in Inverness and may look for a hotel if it is on. Don’t want to pay for a hotel if it is not on.
Fatma Invergarry

Re: Hootananny

I will go Inverness for a week, start at 29 August (2018 🙂), I bring my whistles, any suggestions about where or time to play with singers (I play whistle as a side man with singers) ….

Re: Hootananny

I’m looking for a traditional Irish session in Inverness. Visiting in June and I want to join in for fun.