Clachnaharry Inn

17-19 High Street, Inverness, Highlands, Scotland

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It did die off for a while but it’s back up again since Ceol Beo claimed it and started advertising it properly in there monthly mag. It has its regulars with the odd suprise quest here and there. Good session to just mess around and experiment in. Not too much pressure from the ‘audience’ to play contious sets.

Still going?

Is the session still on? Coming for a visit in August, and just wondered…
- Maja

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Are the sessions still going?


I’m visiting Scotland this summer with some friends, and we will stay near Inverness from 11th to 18th August. We would love to join a session and play, so I would like to know what of the listed sessions are still alive 🙂

Is the one at Clachnaharry Inn still going? Is it an ‘open session’ (foreign musicians welcome)?

Thank you in advance; greetings from Spain!

Yup. Still going and visiting players are welcome too. Starts at 9pm. The bar sells real ales and good food.

Aha, good to hear that McRabbitman, I’m going to be working up around Inverness later this week, and I think I could be up for a visit to a session with my new accordion!
Great time at Knock by the way! 😉

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Is this session still going?

Re: Clachnaharry Inn

Hello Ada
Yes, the Clach session is still happening. It kicks off around 8pm and winds up around 11pm.
The session isn’t too well attended of late and sometimes doesn’t happen but there are usually 4 or 5 of us; fiddle(s), guitar, box and flute/whistle.
Tunes mainly … a good mix of Scots and Irish.
If you need any more info, message me and I can confirm whether the session will be happening or not and can give you a few sets we play.

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Hi, I’m in town this week visiting from the States, I play trad Irish fiddle, is this still going on, and is it welcoming for a trad Irish fiddler? If it is all Scottish, I am pleased and happy to just listen!