Wilde Oscar’s

1900 Folsom (at 15th St.), San Francisco, California, USA

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Nice new session in San Francisco

This is a gay bar in SF, but you wouldn’t know it unless you made it your business to notice such things. The crowd is very eclectic with the usual mix of lifestyles you would expect from a SOMA/Mission District pub. A couple of lovely gals from Cork are the publicans and they offer extraordinary hospitality to musicians that come in for a tune. You can precipitate your tunes with good food if you like because it’s a restaurant as well. (For this reason you can come if you’re under age until the restaurant closes at around 10:30 pm) It’s not very big so the session is intimate and well appreciated by the punters. The session is hosted by Erin Shrader and goes from 8 pm to 11 pm or so.

Is that the Erin who is such a lovely fiddler?

The very, the one you met at that East Bay session in March, Z.


Update: This session is now defunct

Wilde Oscar’s was recently purchased. The new owners have decided they don’t want a session.