The Elephant & Castle

White Hill, Lewes, Sussex, England

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Elephant and Castle

Monthly session - 4th Tuesday. Free session. 8 pm start. English music specifically but I doubt they’d turn away musicians from elsewhere. All standards welcome. Any instrument.

contact : or

+ Concertinas Anonymous 1st Monday of month at 8 pm - also at this pub

My favourite folk club used to be The Lewes Arms (upstairs room, each Sat. night) but this is no more.

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Pub close to St John’s Terrace and Sun Street. St J’s Terrace leads up to St J-sub-Castro church, the biggest in Lewes.

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Concertina session now 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Elephant, Valmai tells me.

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THE LEWES SATURDAY FOLK CLUB meets at the Elephant every Saturday from 8 pm to 11 pm. There is a charge of £3 for "Come-all-ye" nights and £5 - £7 for guest nights. Valmai says the Lewes Arms Sat. folk club
became untenable after many years as the brewer landlord was asking for way too much "rent". So club transferred to The Elephant and Castle. Website is : (I think)

They have some excellent visiting musicians by the sound of it.

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The corona virus has affected the Saturday Folk Club, it’s not meeting presently. For further details, you can contact Valmai Goodyear. Her address is 20 St John’s Terrace, Lewes, E.Sussex (5 minute walk from the Elephant and Castle - or see her email address above). [I lived for 14 or 15 years in St. John’s Terrace, 10A, very close to Valmai].

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Bryan and Valmai and friends keep trad. music alive in this southern part of England, about 13 miles from the (very gay-friendly) town of Brighton. The late Sandra - whom I did some housework for in the 1990s - had an incredible knowledge of folksongs and sang in an absorbing way, knowing all the words. A school teacher. For sure, other singers will take her place and any players (in normal circumstances) welcome at this club. Small fee to cover costs. Sat. main night - but see above for other options.

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The Saturday night folk session seems to be running once more, post Covid regulations. £3 entry for Come-all-ye nights and more if there’s a special guest.