The Antiquary

72-78 St Stephen Street, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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Fantastic session, starts at 9pm. Big basement pub in stockbridge, lots of room for musicians and there are always plenty of them there with a wide variety of intruments and styles. Very friendly, brilliant atmosphere.


I’m coming up to Edinburgh and stopping overnight on the 16th June and I’m looking for a session. My knowledge of Edinburgh comes only from autoroute which doesn’t seem to know where St Stevens Street is. Can you give me any more details, like a main road nearby? Thanks

Turn northwards into Frederick Street from Princes Street (if walking, no cars allowed) or George Street if you’re driving. Carry on over the hill and down Howe Street, then straight on to St Vincent Street. Follow this road around to the left at the bottom and you will be on St Stephen’s Street.

Popped into the Antiquary this week - damn good session - very relaxed atmosphere, it is not a high-speed session.
Won a tin-whistle on the raffle (it was either that or a kazoo).

The Antiquary

I visited this session on thursday, and had a great time, thanks to the friendly bunch of musicians for letting me sit in. There were at least 6 fiddlers when I was there, and the style and tunes had a distinctly scottish flavour with a nice sprinkling irish and european tunes, and there were a few songs when we all stopped for a breather.. A great sound from the massed fiddles when the session was powering along.

After a brief hiatus due to pub refurbishment, the session is back on! Starts every Thursday at 9pm, all range of instruments, styles and experience levels welcome

Re: The Antiquary

From the pub’s website, 4/10/19:

Thursdays: Folk Music

Suitable for beginners. All welcome, come along and join in or just enjoy the music 8.30 start.

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