Private Residence

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

  • Schedule: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

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Let’s Play and Have Fun xD

:] Hello, my dear folkies from all the world, I’m Irwin, if you are based in Shenzhen or plan to visit Shenzhen, just let me know, I got to know some cosy venues which are nice and available to make sessions, I am an experienced musician which usually plays tunes from England, Scotland and Ireland, I also play some other folk tunes from the rest of the world, in session I usually play the flute and a bunch of whistles, I would be very happy to meet some musicians to play tunes regularly, well so far I want it to happen in a low-key way, so just give me an email and I will discuss with you the date, place and people we would meet, let’s play tunes to have fun and craic xxx

My demo:

Please note: Just tell me you find me on the website and what instrument you play when you send me an email

Love and Peace <3<3<3<3<3

Re: Hermit Folkies In CHINA

Can’t wait to see the response, hahahahahaha

Re: Private Residence

Hi Irwin, I have a good friend who is a box player in Shezhen - Emmet O’Halloran, do you know him? There’s also wechat groups for the sessions in Beijing and Shanghai, if you pm me your wechat ID I can add you to those groups - I think some players are from Shenzhen so you might see them there every now and again

Re: Private Residence

AWWWWWWWW! Thank you very much for the comment and info, of course my Wechat ID is only one off here: irishwhistle just feel free to add me and let’s play tunes and have fun =)

Re: Private Residence

I’d be very happy and excited to meet your friend who plays the box, I’ve been really addicted into the sound of the box these years, it’s beautiful instrument, I dreamed that I can meet a box player to make session again, now it seems this is gonna happen, thanks God.