Alte Mu

Lorentzendamm 8, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

  • Schedule: Thursday.

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Re: Alte Mu

Thanks for adding the session, Jeremy. Yesterday we had some visitors from another part of Germany at the session because of your entry, which was great. At the Alte MU session we play not only Irish Folk but also German, Danish / Nordic folk, some Shetland / Canadian, English tunes - Bal Folk stuff as well, a bit of Arabic music and why not a flamenco inbetween - it depends on the people who come and their preferences… the instruments range from mandolin, fiddle, guitar and whistles to celtic harp, melodica, accordeon, Swedish bagpipes, Rummelpott and Drehleier (hurdy gurdy) - who knows what comes next? The focus is on being open for anything that is fun to play and enjoying music in good company. We’re in the entrance hall on the left - it’s in the former building of the Muthesius art school - and the good thing is that we can play as long as we want without bothering anybody - since it’s basically an empty building filled with interesting cultural projects - see the website Since this is not a pub you must bring your own drinks. So - hope to see you there soon,

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