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Home Road, Montgomery NW

This is a beginner’s session at my home from 7-9 pm. We have all been playing for less than two years and are working on adding to our list of tunes as well as working on improving our technique weekly. Anyone that is interested and has questions feel free to contact me via the email.

A few things to be clear on.
-Since the beginning, we have had a rhythm Guitar player so we won’t really be changing that role out.

- We are beginners/intermediates having some fun while enjoying the tunes. If you are advanced you are welcome, just take it easy on us. Input is welcome but we’re not looking for constant coaching. We do it for fun first and foremost

-We are a group of fellas that all know each other through friend’s but please, ladies, feel welcome. Anyone that can’t be a gentleman wouldn’t make it through the door.

-There is a friendly Dog and a grumpy Hypoallergenic Cat at the house.