Our Lady Of The Atonement

15415 Red Robin Road, San Antonio, Texas, USA

  • Schedule: Sunday.

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Our Lady of the Atonement

Open-air Session in the piazza between buildings. As pandemic-safe as we can make it. 7:30 Irish time. Between the shade and the breeze it is comfortable- even if the temperature is in the high 90’s. Very informal!

Re: Our Lady Of The Atonement

Is this session still happening? My friend and I just moved to San Antonio and are looking for sessions. It’s at 1:30 in the day? Might try to come if we can take the heat.

Re: Our Lady Of The Atonement

This session is actually at 7:30 PM Texas time and is made up of the same group of folks who participate in the Pizza Italia session. This is a nice venue with the same friendly people. Undoubtedly you and your friend will be welcome, Mikayla. Check with John Weems to see if he plans on starting earlier fro the Winter.

Re: Our Lady Of The Atonement

Moving to 2 pm Sundays for the cooler months starting November 15th.

Re: Our Lady Of The Atonement

Moving back to evenings with the warmer weather. 6:30 (Irish time) is the new start. By the way, San Antonio time and Irish time are pretty similar. People show up about 6:30, maybe 7.

I was told by a gent in Clifden, Co. Galway, that “amárach,” the Irish word for tomorrow, is like “mañana,” but “without that sense of urgency.”

Re: Our Lady Of The Atonement

Starting today, 14 November, we are back to 2 PM.