Brasserie Herrmann

Gützkower Straße 1, Greifswald, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Five comments

Slow Learner’s session in the Brasserie Herrmann, Greifswald

The session is scheduled for the 2. and 4. Monday in the Brasserie Herrman.

This is intended to be the slow learner’s session for the future sessioneers. We will start at 20:00 (maybe a little later) with learning a tune.

Then (depending on the people available) we will have a slow session so people can try themselves out at playing a set or use the new tune they learned.

Re: Brasserie Herrmann

The next session is going to be on Sep. 7

New session schedule

So we decided, that both sessions will be held in the Herrmanns.

We alternate between the slow/learner’s session and the full-fledged floor-smashing string-ripping ear-popping hard-on session. The former is Mondays, the latter on Wednesdays.

Beginners are always welcome and we will happily play slow tunes in the fast session. And if a professional joins us in the slow session, then we will try our best to match the speed as well.

Both session start around 20:30. The slow session will start with learning a tune and transition into a slow session, the fast session will kick off, when everyone has arrived.

next session

We had to move from Wednesday, due to a clash with the Venue.

The next session will be this Friday Oct 16, 2020 at the usual time.

This is scheduled to be a FULL SESSION!

Re: Brasserie Herrmann

Unfortunately Corona stops the session for now. We will be back, as soon as the situation improves again.