Tooborac Community Hall

Northern Highway, Tooborac, Victoria, Australia

  • Schedule: Sunday.

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Tooborac Community Hall

This session takes part on the 1st sunday of the month, from 1pm. We actually hire the hall ourselves, out of a desire for our own space with good acoustics, no publican and litte background noise, though we’re happy for a few people in the background if they wish to come.

The skill level is generally intermediate, with some advanced players, but also with less skilled players somewhat. We’re happy to have all skill levels, provided people understand that if they aren’t up to the standard, they should be respectful and try not to dominate too uch session time…little by little.

The occassional song is great, but it is a TUNES SESSION first and foremost, so please bear it in mind. We’re not hiring the hall for nothing….it’s for tunes 🙂