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Smith’s Alternative

This is a weekly Irish trad session at Smith’s Alternative in Canberra City (Civic).
Tunes run from 5pm until 7pm.
Skill level varies from beginner friendly through to hell-for-leather break neck speeds depending on the turn out. All welcome.

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More than 20 people attended this one on my first visit. It has been going for a few months, I’ve been told. Despite being a "book store", it has a liquor licence … and not too many books.

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Hi, I live in Victoria but go to Canberra a few times a year, and am quite acquainted with Civic in the daytime, where I sometimes have a couple of happy Guinness at King O’Malley’s somewhere around lunchtime. But where is ‘Smith’s Alternative’ exactly ?(sound familiar but I can’t place it) …. Just in case I want to drop with my fiddle… though 2 hours is hardly enough time to get pumping surely? Message me personally if you like. Cheers, Gobby.

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Re: Smith’s Alternative

Alinga Street at western side of Northbourne Ave. Right there at the tram stop. It’s a big, low key session - a wide range of players.