Mollie’s Mews

Bolshaya Konyushennaya St, 5, Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation (European Part)

  • Schedule: Thursday.

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Mollie’s Mews

The weekly tune at Mollie’s pub in Saint-Petersburg, Russia has been steadily ongoing for the past few months, save for a few holiday breaks, and I think it can safely be said that we intend to continue. Irish traditional music mostly, but occasional French and Scandinavian tunes welcome. There are no set session leaders and the number of musicians may vary, but it’s a nice cozy place to sit down for a tune with either a few or a dozen of friends. Pay attention to the address ("Bolshaya Konyushennaya, dom 5") as there are many Mollie’s pubs in Saint-Petersburg. Drop me a line if you intend to come by and I’ll make sure the folks know. Remember, THIS IS RUSSIAAA - all the important decisions, including whether we play tunes or not this week, are made at the very last moment😂

Re: Mollie’s Mews

I may stop over in order to drop in and give you all a blast of ‘По диким степяам забайкалья’ next time I’m over Irkutsk way! Alternatively, you can have ‘Cóilín Phádraig Shéamais’ if that’s what you’d like.
Top class session, I daresay. Gan amhras!