Fusion Restaurant

201 E Grand Ave Ste 1A, Escondido, California, USA

  • Schedule: Monday.

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Fusion Restaurant Session

Fiddler Paul Castellanos from the group “Highland Way” is starting a new in-person open session every Monday night from 6:00 - 9:00 PM at the “Fusion Restaurant” in Escondido.

The restaurant is at:

Fusion Restaurant
201 E Grand Ave Ste 1A
Escondido, CA 92025

The session will be in the back room of the restaurant.
Paul says there is plenty of room for even a large group of players.
Mask wearing is up to the players.
No guarantee as to the behavior of the other people in the venue.

Re: Fusion Restaurant

Just so ya know, we have all been well-behaved the two times we have met.

Re: Fusion Restaurant

Is this session still going?

Re: Fusion Restaurant

Yes as of 18 Oct 2021

Re: Fusion Restaurant

On hold as of 20 April 2022.