Cook Park (Butterfly Garden)

17005 SW 92nd Ave, Tigard, Oregon, USA

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TrailJams Cook Park Irish/Celtic Afternoon Session

This is a weekly outdoor afternoon session in good weather (spring, summer, and autumn). Bring a chair. The tempo of tune playing at this session tends to be moderate, slower than full dance tempo. The session is hosted by the TrailJams group. Session hours are 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. (check for changes).

The Butterfly Garden in Cook Park, Tigard, has wide open space where we can gather in shade, sunshine, or shelter. The park is a great place to take a walk or have a picnic before or after the session. If you come with companions, there is plenty of room for them to roam among the trees and trails and by the river if they want a break from the tune playing.

Where we gather: as you enter the park via SW 92nd Ave, turn left at the open gate and head toward Shelter 4 (the park’s website has a map). We gather on the lawn near Shelter 4, at the entrance to the Butterfly Garden. We pick a shady spot if it’s a warm day, or grab a sunny spot if it’s a cool day. If it’s rainy we’ll get under the roof of Shelter 4.

Cook Park’s Website:

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Just was wondering what day of the week does this usually happen? Are people welcome to just come and listen as opposed to play? I am currently a beginner learning the Irish Wood Flute and in no way ready to join a session, but I would love to come listen - I live in Portland. Thanks for the info!

Take care,

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Hi Nicole,
Currently we are meeting on Thursday afternoons. Yes, you are welcome to come and listen. You’ll want to bring a chair. On the website you’ll find a description of the session and how to find it, and a tune list of many of the tunes we’ve played before. We’ve also been choosing a "Tune of the Week" to work on, which you can find on the website — that might help you choose what tunes to work on.
— Jonathan

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They moved it a little later: 3 - 5 pm. I am still hoping for the day I am free to drive over there from PDX by 2:30 pm 🙂

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This session is suspended until spring of 2022. It is an outdoor session, and the weather will mostly be cold and wet until about May. In the meantime, we may have some other TrailJams Irish sessions in the nearby area if weather permits. For updates, check the TrailJams Events page:

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I recommend this session to anyone wanting to play Celtic tunes at a (mostly) moderate tempo, in a beautiful setting, with a very friendly group of musicians, and organizer Jonathan Lay setting the tone and keeping everything on track. Sue Songer