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The Ferry Inn

This is the suspended session that used to take place at The Bridge, which has changed hands since early 2020. It now takes place at The Ferry Inn on the THIRD MONDAY of the month, from about 8.30 p.m. This pub is under new management, and sessioneers have been welcomed since starting up again recently (Summer ’21).

It’s informally hosted by Dr Bob, who kicks it off and indicates turn-taking round the room for starting a next tune/set. No exclusiveness or cliquey dominance. The music that gets played is varied: i.e. including, but not specifically, Irish. Almost all tunes - very rarely songs. Quite a lot of English, some American, French, Swedish, Scottish/Shetland . . . Mixed proficiency but generally pretty good: mostly competent and keen amateur standard, if I can put it that way, but no virtuosi among the regulars (though welcomed if one turns up). In the past the session has typically attracted a dozen or more players, and is likely to be similar in its new incarnation.

We remain in uncertain times, but are hopeful that conditions will stay favourable for this session - and others - to carry on without further let or hindrance.

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Re: The Ferry Inn

Latest information (February 2022). This session is moving from the Ferry to another pub in Shoreham by Sea. With effect from February 21st it will take place at the Crabtree Hotel, which is on the north side of the train station. The plan is that it will continue there until further notice, on the third Monday of every month. I’ll put up a separate entry with relevant details.

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