Fox Inn

Holgate Road, York, Yorkshire, England

  • Schedule: Thursday.

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Fox Inn

Monthly session on every last Thursday of each month, starts 8pm, finishes at closing time, or before this if so requested by staff.

This is the former (pre-covid) Volunteer session. It is a tunes-only session (ie no singing), and all traditional genres are welcome, Irish, Scottish, English, Northumbrian, plus the odd continental and American tune, the balance of which depends entirely on who turns up to play.
Most instruments are represented, except, for some strange reason, flutes, so any flute players out there, please pop in sometime….
Over the years this has become a thriving session with usually at least several players, and often 15-20+. Skill levels range from beginners to extremely accomplished players, and those like myself who are somewhere in the middle. But all newcomers are warmly welcomed, and its great on those occasions when people bring in new tunes for us to hear and hopefully join in with.
We were all quite sad to have to leave the Volunteer,which had hosted us admirably for several years; however, our new hosts are very welcoming, we will still have a great choice of excellent beers, and there is also a car park at the new venue which we didn’t previously have.
The first session will take place on Thursday 30th September.

Re: Fox Inn

As a confirmed technophobe I’m not sure how to adjust the pointer on the map, but it is slightly wrong. The Fox Inn is further west along the Holgate Road, almost at the junction of Acomb Road and Poppleton Road on the right hand side.