Fox On The Downs

291 Elm Grove, Brighton, Sussex, England

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Fox On The Downs

A new session every Monday evening at 8:30pm. We had our first session last night and it was great!

The pub is usually pretty quiet on a Monday evening. The place is well ventilated. You’ll find us at a table in the back.

Please don’t come to this session unless you are double-vaccinated. It’s also a good idea to have a lateral flow test before coming along.

Some sets we might play:

Kitty Lie Over, Munster Buttermilk

The Forty-Two Pound Cheque, Tom Mhick’s, Jimmy Doyle’s

The Galtee Rangers, The Glentaun

East Clare reel, Miss McGuinness

The Trip To Durrow, The Old Copperplate

The Lilting Fisherman, The Old Favourite

Within A Mile Of Dublin, The Old Bush

Tom Busby’s, The Cordal

The Gallant Tipperary Boys, The Bank Of Turf

Biddy From Sligo, Shandon Bells

The Pipe On The Hob, The Cook In The Kitchen

The Lady On The Island, Cal Callaghan’s

The Sweat House, Jim Donoghue’s

Johnny When You Die, Johnny McIljohn’s

The Monaghan Twig, The Drunken Tinker

The Morning Star, Rolling In The Ryegrass

Re: Fox On The Downs

This is on hold, at least for Spring and Summer. It might start up again next Winter.