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Domhan session

The Domhan session takes place on every second Saturday of a month. It is not a pure irish but a n only acoustic session.

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Re: Domhan

The character of the session changed a lot since Toby’s last comment from 2005. In the meantime, an additional singing session has been established and this session turned to become a “pure” irish trad session, having tunes galore and songs and other “non Irish” tunes have become extremely rare.
Loads of fun anyway, a whole bunch of musicians, lots of punters who come for the craic and for listening to the session each month.
If you’re a musician and you want to participate, you’re very welcome, but you better come early (around 8:00 pm) if you want to sit down while playing. Its loud, it’s crowded, it’s hot. Brilliant.

Re: Domhan

Is this session still happening?