The Dubliner

Katouni 16, Thessaloniki, Makedonia, Greece

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The Dubliner

This is a new session, possibly the first in Greece and definitely the first in Thessaloniki.

Third Sunday of the month. Starting from 4:30pm onwards.

The first session will be on Sunday 17th October 2021.

Thessaloniki is Greece’s second largest city, founded over 2,300 years ago and named after the sister of Alexander the Great. The Dubliner is a great bar in Thessaloniki’s atmospheric Ladadika district in the town centre, near the port. It has a wide selection of beers including Guinness and Guinness IPA, friendly staff and a welcoming Irish owner.

Here is the pub’s ad on YouTube:

Re: The Dubliner


Because of Covid regulations, the 10 October session had to be postponed till 17 October.

The sessions will be every SECOND Sunday of the month, so the dates of the four upcoming sessions will be:
17 October 2021
14 November 2021
12 December 2021
9 January 2022

Re: The Dubliner

A great establishment for anyone passing through Thessaloniki …