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Dates: Alternate Tuesdays

This session has been started up recently by members of the Carlisle Session Club. Turn up anytime after 8 pm. We play mainly tunes from the traditional Irish and Scottish repertoires but we are comfortable with other styles and welcome anybody willing to have a go on any instrument.


It’s now first Wednesday of every month

Changed again

Now the first and the third Wednesday of each month


Apparently all those players who were there that evening walked out due to the behaviour of the landlady (I do not know the details) so this session has effectively been terminated. It is a great shame after nine years. Some of the earlier landlords have been highly appreciative making food for the musicians, advertising the sessions and even asking for special extra events. Ironically the pub’s website seems to want to generate the image of a traditional warm welcome - which may not be the recent direct experience of those musicians who have supported the pub for nealry a decade. Anyhow, fortunately, the core group also plays at the Spinners Arms a relatively short distance away, so the music carries on - just not at this venue 🙂