The Crabtree Inn

6 Buckingham Road, Shoreham By Sea, West Sussex, England

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The Crabtree Inn

Trad Irish music session, yards from Shoreham train station.
Second Thursday of the month 8.30-11, from 10th February 2022.
Free parking in pub car park to rear, access from Gordon Road or on the road.
Competent trad players welcome, great acoustics!

Re: The Crabtree Inn

I plan to be there.

Crabtree Hotel

This session takes place on the Third Monday each month, with effect from February 21st 2022. (It’s the session that has been going on locally for many years, and which was previously located at The Ferry Inn and, before that, at The Bridge Hotel).

It is informally hosted (by Dr Bob) and leading off generally takes a ‘turns-round-the-room’ format. The material played is varied: quite a lot of English, some Irish, some foreign (e.g. Swedish/French). Mostly tunes, but occasional songs as well. I’d describe the usual standard as pitched at ‘proficient amateur’ level. More than beginners, but no claims to virtuosity and no domineering egos.

NB: Also see info posted by ceoltas on this site about another session at the same venue, with a focus on Irish material.

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Re: The Crabtree Inn

The next trad session is tomorrow, Thursday, August 11th. Then it’s Thursday, September 12th.

Get there for 7:45pm if you want a seat!

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Still going strong: second Thursday of the month.

So on the first Thursday of the month there’s the session in The Ancient Mariner in Hove:

On the second Thursday of the month there’s this session in The Crabtree Inn in Shoreham.

On the last Thursday of the month there’s the session in The Lord Nelson in Brighton: