Plockton Inn

Innes Street, Plockton, Highlands, Scotland

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The ‘Plockton session’

Led by Wilfar Matheson of ‘Incredible Fling band’ fame, a mighty singer of eclectic taste, this session has a broad repertoire. From time to time it will have east-coast songs from Christine Kydd, Dougie Pincock on Nigel Richard’s recently developed ‘session’ pipes as well as a line-up including uilleann pipes, button-box and fiddles.

Still going….

6 years since there’s been a comment on this, although it came up in a recent discussion. Just thought I’d mention that it’s still going strong, and is now my regular session, at least during school term time. Anything goes, really, and the regular bill of fare is a mixture of Scottish and Irish tunes, and a few contemporary “country” songs.

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Some of the tunes currently being played - Jan 2011

In no particular order, or category :

Morrison’s jig - Connaughtman’s Rambles - Banks Of The Allan - Rolling Wave - The Snowy Path - Butterfly - O’Farrell’s Welcome To Limerick - Coppers & Brass [ in “A” ] - Paddy’s Trip To Scotland / Dinky’s - Dance Of The Honeybees / Stack of Wheat / Stack of Barley - The Air Tune [ Liz Carroll ] - Cooley’s - Merry Blacksmith - Drowsy Maggie

There’s also quite a few Highland bagpipe tunes played, such as :
The Ass In The Graveyard - Farewell To The Creeks - The McNeils of Ugadale - Mrs McDonald of Dunachd / The Lochaber Gathering - The Blackberry Bush.

I’ll add more as I remember them, but if you know any of the above, that should be enough for you to join in on at least a few of the sets.

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Map’s out by over 100 miles.

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Had a great night two weeks ago, thanks for the warm welcome, great tunes and amazing food

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I’m in Plockton for the night - is there a weekend tune here by any chance?


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Hello! Is this session still on? Thursdays at what time? And if so, are they open?

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Hi is this on this Thurs 11aug?

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Looks like the next session’s on 18/8/2022 according to both the hotel’s website and Facebook page.

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