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D 9 Brewery

This is a weekly session. 7-9 PM.
Please email if you plan to come to ensure it’s not the occasional week we might not be meeting.

This is a session for all levels of Irish Traditional players. Most currently attending are intermediate players. We take turns starting tunes at the pace of the originator making this a very friendly and welcoming session.

Re: D 9 Brewery

(Following on my own request to all using about updating)….I attended a great session, (well, only an hour’s worth), at the D9 on 10-3-22. For that 1st hour I was able to play most of the traditional tunes, (and even got to toss in “Trip to Pakistan”). They play a bit faster than I am used to, but it was a good time; (I’ve only been playing for about 15 years…maybe in another ten, if I’m still able to play at all, I’ll get “up to speed”.) Parking was easy and, as a player, I got my free drink from a nice bartender.
I have recently retired and left California for more affordable pastures and have been checking out the Greenville, SC area, and in NC: Hendersonville, Ashville, Black Mountain, and today, Wilmington for a new home, and so far, have Hendersonville at the top of my list, mostly because of the great session there.

Re: D 9 Brewery

Update we are now starting at 6:30 PM ending at 9.