Kernersville Brewing Company

221 N Main St., Kernersville, North Carolina, USA

  • Schedule: Sunday.

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Kernersville Brewing Company

Intermediate to Advanced Session, 2nd Sunday of each month, 4-7.

All welcome, but please do shoot me a message if you are planning on coming. This session is new, so we are still finding our way in the space. Message on here or at Cheers!

Re: Kernersville Brewing Company

Greyson, this Sunday’s jam was a pleasure. Thanks for keeping things interesting, you were a most accommodating session moderator. Thanks for the opportunity to dust off many tunes I haven’t thought of in years.

For others considering the session, Greyson played mostly bouzouki and banjo and and a little b/c box . Other participants included 1 guitarist, 3 other fiddlers beside myself, and whistle and bodhrán players. I spent maybe 60% of the time on fiddle and 40% on banjo. It produced a fairly complete ensemble sound, hard to believe this was Kernersville, NC!

Most tempos required more skill than suitable for beginners, still there were a few that started slow enough to allow participation for those folks. Mostly 2 tune reel and jig sets, next time I’ll try to remember to introduce an additional hornpipe and polka.

Everyone was in good humor, excellent session!