Daniel O’Connell’s

1211 Wellington Street W., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Usually gets underway around 9/9:30. Mostly Irish stuff, but some Ottawa Valley/Cape Breton stuff thrown in. Nice pub.

Twin fiddler - how suitable for beginners is this session? What’s played? How many people attend? (And, for that matter - is it still going on? I see this entry is over two years old.) I’m going to be in Ottawa next month, and worry that I’ll start twitching if I go a few weeks without my session fix, but I’m still a novice and shy about playing with strangers.

This one is still going strong. I would say advanced beginner or intermediate. It is very noisy and can be very fast. Average 15 to 20 musicians in a very small space. Lots of fiddles and accordions.

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Good session

Friendly people and still going strong!

Lovely Session

I had a very enjoyable evening at this session in August. Very welcoming session led by a core of very good players. Thanks to Don, Allen and everyone else for the hospitality and good tunes.

Early starting time

Recently start time has been creeping earlier and earlier.
8:30 is closer to the start time.

Re: Daniel O’Connell’s

Still going.

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Re: Daniel O’Connell’s

Temporarily suspended during COVID-19

Re: Daniel O’Connell’s

The Daniel O’Connell’s Traditional Irish Session Ottawa is resuming as of 8 PM, Thursday March 24th 2022.