LE 12 (Bar à Vins)

12 Rue Du Poids Du Roi, Blois, Centre, France

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LE 12 (Bar à Vins)

This session will be the first in this place. It will be Wednesday, October 5 and will start at 7 p.m.! The owners offer a drink and a plate of charcuterie and cheese to the musicians! We hope to renew this appointment once a month!
This session is open to musicians of all levels! The proposed repertoire for this premiere should be requested from Philippe DEPALEMACKER at this email address: phildepal@protonmail.com

LE 12 (Bar à Vins)

From now on, please use this e-mail address first: sessionblois@proton.me Thank you!

Re: LE 12 (Bar à Vins)

The October 5 session was a great time!
The next session is scheduled for Wednesday, November 9 from 7 p.m.!

Next Session

Last January 4, the New Year’s Session was a great moment!
See you on February 1st for a new edition!