Doc Magilligan’s

6400 Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

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Doc Magilligans session niagara starts Nov 13th

Niagara Folk & Irish music session - Starting Sunday Nov 13th!

1.30pm To 4.30pm
Every Sunday
At Doc Magilligan’s

*Comfy setting (candles on the tables / old fire on the screens)

*All musicians treated the same. All musicians get a token for a welcome drink (house beverage - Guinness / Canadian / Rye etc) or non alc beverage.
*Bring your own instrument (fiddles / accordions / whistles / mandolins / banjo / guitar / Bodhran etc)
*Folk and Irish is the general style but we’re open to anything fun! (East coast tunes / original songs / parodies / country & acoustic versions of rock songs!)

We want to create a fun, welcoming environment where those interested in folk and Irish music can have fun playing music together.

It’s not a gig. We sit around a table and go around in a circle where everyone has an equal chance to lead a song or tune.

Everyone is equally welcome - from beginner musicians to experts.

It’s a chance to share a few tunes or songs you like with others & to learn old tunes / songs & accompany others.

Music is a catalyst for happiness. Friends meet. Enough said.

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The session has been going really well. At the first one we had 24 musicians!! On a typical Sunday we have about 10 musicians with a wide variety of experience, novice to highly skilled. It is very friendly and well supported by the local community.

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Thank you for the update on the session in Niagara Falls, Ontario. It is great to hear that it is going so well and that novices are welcome too. I look forward to attending in January.

Re: Doc Magilligan’s

Hi Rick Kennedy,

That’s great looking forward to seeing you there. January 8th is our next session. With the holidays we are missing out two Sundays unfortunately.

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Hey all, is this session weekly, and does it go year round? I’ll be in NOTL April-October and would love to drop in while I’m staying in the area!

Re: Doc Magilligan’s

Hi Richard
Yes we started the session in November last year and it has been going every week (except Xmas Day / New Year’s Day) since then. So we hope to keep it going all year round as it has steady support of between 10 and 15 musicians each week, plus an equal number or more in the audience.

NOTL is lovely too and only 30mins away so definitely come and find us in the Falls on a Sunday! The 2 best Irish pubs in the region are The Irish Harp (NOTL) and DOC Magilligan’s (Niagara Falls) where we do the session. Feel free to text me at +1-289-241-8111 if you’ve any questions in the meantime. The other co-host (Paddy Treacy from Galway) is also usually around. We usually start with the Galway Girl so definitely bring the mandolin for that one!

See you along the road.
Declan (Paddyman)