The Ould Sod

3373 Adams Ave, San Diego, California, USA

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Session at the Ould Sod

Session starts at 7 PM, intermediate to advanced level. Seating only for 6-8 players max so plan on getting there early!

Still going strong!

600 sessions and still thriving!

Recently celebrated our 600th session, still going strong…

600th? wow, congrats. has it always been a once a week session?

Michael, George, Jonathan, Chris? Justin? others whose names I don’t recall, but whose playing I admired. Thank you all for being so welcoming to a visiting tyro fluter from Seattle. I had a great time, if brief. This session is clearly "Still going strong!"

Re: The Ould Sod

Ruarri and Pete as well last night… Great having you visit our little corner of the nation.

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I am coming to visit family in SD in May and hope to join your session while there, been involved in music for the past 30 years while living in Germany. See you soon

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Looking forward to your visit!

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In our 17th year there now…

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Still going strong as of July 2017. Also added Sunday sessions in the beer garden behind the pub on the first and third Sundays of the month until football season starts up again.

About the session at The Ould Sod

Fiddler George Rubsamen and I have been co-hosting the Tuesday night session at The Ould Sod here in San Diego since January of 2000. It’s a small dive-ish bar in the Normal Heights district a few miles north and east of downtown San Diego. We have about 20 or so local players who might show up on any night, with about 10 regulars, including George and I who come most weeks. The space we play in is quite small, we really only have seats for about 8 people so sometimes we swap out players, but occasionally, as happened last week, we had many guests and as many as 16 players, which was quite crowded. Fiddles seem to be in vogue right now, but in the past when Ben Power was living in San Diego, we’d have a lot of flute players as well. I generally play Uilleann pipes/whistle, concertina, and some B/C box. We have some "early" players, as Noel Hill would call them, who are just starting out, and we encourage them to come for the first hour of the session to play the tunes they know at their pace, and when the more experienced regulars show up around 8 or 9, they know to give up their seats and listen for the rest of the evening. It’s not a paid hosting, but the pub has always provided all of the musician’s drinks for free, a privilege we don’t abuse, and we generally give whatever tips we get from the patrons to the bartender. The music later in the evening is at a pretty high level, and for some unknown reason, jigs seem to dominate over reels in tune frequency compared to other sessions I co-host or regularly participate in. One down side is that because it’s a bar, you have to be 21 to even go inside, so we can’t include any younger players, which was possible at some of the other sessions that were at restaurant/bars in San Diego in the past. The session is every Tuesday from 7-11 PM, and we started doing a more relaxed session on the 1st and 3rd Sundays (until football season starts) in the covered part of the new beer garden they built last year behind the pub. Visitors are always welcome, just give me a heads-up that you’ll be in town and we’ll take very good care of you, give you a ride to/from the pub, setup house sessions, etc.

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Hi Michael
Will there be a session the Sunday of Labor Day weekend? Thanks!

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20 years and still going strong!

The back room sessions on Sunday afternoons were just a summer thing last year, the main session is on Tuesday nights from 7 - 11 PM