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3rd Friday of the month

Sponsored by the Preston Branch of Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann.

A Family Session

A family session is one where children are allowed in, so not a public bar but a private room. The session in the Conservative Bowling Club Blackpool Road is a private session - the 3rd Friday of every month.

Darn! I was hoping this would be held in the Trotskyite Badminton Club.

Trotskyite Badminton Club - Under New management

Sadly, the Trostkyites couldn’t agree on who had the ball. The National Front has taken over the place and is using the court for a gun range…

Besides, there just weren’t enough marches and ‘state’ melodies in Irish music for them, and sean nos was to anarchic, while 9/8s and hornpipe skips were just too bourgeois…

Hah! I was wondering about the ‘conservative’ bit. I thought perhap that the ball never quite made it to the jack.

Is it Crown Green? or even carpet bowls?

Crown Green

Anyone for a roll?

Mmmmmm! - Stars!

Bowling club session (ignore the ‘Conservatives’ - I’ve never seen one there!)

8.30 - 11.00 p.m. Every third Friday of the month, except August, all welcome from beginners to experienced session players.
Niamh: I go regularly and really enjoy it.It’s given me a chance to get used to sessions. We always dance the Haymakers Jig and we always go wrong!

Fulwood Conservatives axe 3rd Friday Session

Alas, I’m told it is no more… It seems it wasn’t satisfying the Capitalists needs for Capital ~ too few drawn in to participate or for a listen, too few drinks crossing the bar, or I should clarify, too few coins to Ceasar…


The session has moved to ‘The Unicorn’
3rd Friday of the month…

Session move

The session is now on the second Sunday of the month at the Unicorn. 4pm to 7pm. Except this month due to a clash, it’s 20th May.