O’Connors Pub

Ballyboughal, Dublin, Ireland

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very friendly session live set dancing singing also small venue

Been there…

This posting of the O’Connor’s session has prompted me to write this brief comment…

I was in Dublin for two weeks last year - and happened to coincide with the bank holiday weekend and Seamus Ennis Festival. I was at O’Connor’s the entire weekend, played a bit of flute, and met some sound locals - flute player named Dennis and many friends of his (too many to remember names, no offence if any of you are reading this), banjo (I think?) player named Ray.

Entire experience was fantastic and inspirational. Every one of the folks that I met there was friendly and courteous.

Also, the barman at O’Connor’s is most excellent!

Pub has closed

Unfortunately the pub has been closed and the sessions discontinued.

Pub has re-opened

O’Connors in Ballyboughal has re-opened as from end of October 2008. We had great craic in there over the Seamus Ennis weekend but the regular session hasn’t re-started - yet! Considering taking a few likely lads (and lasses) back in there soon to test the water. This session was renowned for many years as one of the best sessions in all of county dublin so there is some pedigree to live up to. All depends on the atmosphere and response of the new landlord. Let you all know how we get on.