The Irish Snug

1201 E. Colfax Ave, Denver, Colorado, USA

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New place, terrific accoustics!
Very session friendly, open to all , but very much in the Irish tradition. Singers etc welcomed.
Can usually get a pint or two on the house for players.
Starts at 7pm and ends when it does.
Free on street parking!

Looking forward to it, David! Beth, Pete, and I are hoping to get down there more often. (But we always say that, don’t we?)

Just got back to Colorado, one of the first sessions I popped into, and it’s just as much fun as it always was! Dave, Tim, Kevin, Patty, and Nancy are always a helluva lot of fun. Good tunes, great singing. Bar’s a bit noisy, so there’s always competition for the seats along the walls.

New Location

The new location for this session is Scruffy Murphy’s Non-Smoking Irish Pub, located near the corner of 20th and Larimer Streets.
Starting time is 7:00 PM. This is a nice smallish place with good acoustics. There are less problems with noise here (so far), due to the fact that there is no juke box or video games to compete with.
This is an open session, intermediate to advanced level. Irish singing is welcome.

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Irish Snug Session rides again!

After a too-long break, the Irish Snug (Colfax and Marion) now hosts a regular session on Sunday afternoons starting about 3 pm and going ‘til whenever we quit. Great location: smoke free, no TV or jukebox noise during session, very receptive audience, generous bar tab for musicians, good acoustics, and strong support from the Irish owners. We’re now averaging 8 - 12 players, about the friendliest group you could wish (including some familiar faces from Boulder and Fado’s Monday night session). Mixed level, mixture of trad. session faves and new tunes to learn, all players welcome. Come enjoy the craic and still have time for Sunday evening sessions.

Going strong

Over 23 musicians a couple weeks ago! 3 pm until - ??

Session still on?

Going to be stuck in Denver all day Sunday due to plane delays - wondering if this session still on? Any dancing ever pop up?

Re: The Irish Snug

I visited this session the other day. Had a great time with this friendly group. There are many musicians and yes, it’s very busy (and loud), nary a free bar stool to be found. The bar maid is very generous as well. Jerry (sp), who plays PA accordion, runs the session and what a guy he is. Great style and very interesting character. Dancing is appreciated! It ran from 3 until just after 6:30.

Re: The Irish Snug

Still starts at 3pm (August 2018)

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