Old Triangle Pub

5136 Prince Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Tuesday evening

The Tuesday evening Session at the Old Triangle Pub starts about 8PM and goes until all parties are tired. Many times the players get thrown out by the bar staff when THEY’RE tired. Lots of fun.

Sunday Afternoon

There is also a Session on Sunday afternoons starting around 4 pm and lasting until around 6 pm.

Nancy Grossert is the host

ACtually the session on Sunday starts at 2PM, when they play for the Irish Dancers. If the musicians want they can continue, but ther eis no set finish time. Kevin Roach is the host for this session.

We visited in 2002

Nice people. Great tunes. They made the displaced Arizona desert dwellers welcome. If you ever make it out to AZ, come check out our Fibber Magee’s seisiun on Sunday afternoons in Chandler. It’s fierce fun too.

Haven’t made it out for the Tuesday session, but I played in the Sunday session once last summer. Great fun! Watch out though, the dancers will pull you up if they’re missing a person for a full set! :)

Tuesday session

Went to the Old Triangle on Tuesday night about ten days ago. A huge disappointment: the Triangle is nice as a pub ( several levels, stairs in between, two bars, nice staff) but it´s where groups go if they want to share a few pitchers and so the noise level is quite high; almost nobody listens to the music. At least on this evening the musicians were very young, huddled together around one table, gave the impression they had come for the free beer and pasta, and played completely for themselves, without the least attempt to connect with any sort of audience. I left after half an hour.
Look for the website "Novva Scotia sessions" - they offer lots of alternatives.
(Maybe August is the wrong month - perhaps it´s different in fall and winter).

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Tuesday session

Typing error: of course it´s Nova Scotia - no -w- here.

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Tuesday and Sunday session

I have to amend my above comment a bit. Went to the Old Triangle again, a year later, this time on a Sunday afternoon, when they were supposed to be playing for dancers. There were no dancers - it was a sunny August afternoon - but there were four musicians, definitely more interesting than the ones I wrote about above. Pity hardly anybody was in there listening (again: a sunny day!). Guess it´s different in fall and winter when people spend more time indoors. Besides that: good food, very good local beers, very nice and really friendly girls working there.

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Went to this session last Tuesday

… as a fiddler, sat down uninvited and played with everyone. Very nice, top notch musicians; got invited back and I intend to take them up on it. I’m currently learning their repertoire and will post the names of the tunes they play on here so future musicians will have a head start.

Alexweger, I agree it’s a noisy atmosphere and it’s really not so much a performance as it is a social gathering of musicians. But a dozen or so people were listening in, and they bought most of the beer for us and clapped frequently so they seemed to be enjoying it.

Re: Old Triangle Pub

Is this session still occurring? Thanks!

Re: Old Triangle Pub

Is the Sunday session still active? Looking to play!

Re: Old Triangle Pub

still going 2-5.

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