The Lobby

1 Union Quay, Cork, Cork, Ireland

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The lobby

I’m surprised that this pub hasn’t been listed before. Was there in 2002

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Anyone want to comment more on this place? I’ve never been to the Lobby but will be in Ireland sometime later this fall…I would love to just go and listen.


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Goodbye to the Lobby

The Lobby was closed on and off from February til May, and is shutting down for good sometime in July(or maybe early August - not sure of the date). Sniff. There’s a session on Fri nights downstairs until then. Apparently it’s going to become a tapas bar or something like that. It’s kind of sad. Thought I’d post in case people were planning to drop by in the future.


As of Oct. 2000, afaik, the Lobby is still open and sessions are still happening there.

Good bye to the Lobby - again

The Lobby sadly seems to have finally closed it’s doors for good.
Charlies next door does have a very good session on Sunday afternoons though.

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