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A serious session with top rate musicians. Good music, good craic and good company. There not exactly keen to have you leave either!!!!

Had a great time!

I dropped in to the Jolly Angler a few weeks ago - great music. Friendly crowd too, very welcoming.

Really great session

Been there last Thursday - great music, great people, and one of the nicest landlords I’ve met. Very cosy place, too.


What time does the session start? been past the pub a few times but never dropped in…

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Jolly Angler

I am a student in preston trying to find a frequent session
The Jolly Angler is nice and near the train station so handy for me,
is this a good inclusive session?
are there any younger musicians that go there?



Jolly Angler

It starts around 9pm and usually finishes about 12.30pm. It can go on much longer on occasions. Hydes beer, yummy.

JBardwell, yes I’ve been twice now and I’m 18 🙂

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I left at about 4 this morning, and it was still going strong. Best session I’ve been to so far, seriously good musicians and lovely lovely tunes

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Still On

Irish trad every Thursday and Saturday evenings from just before 9pm until 12 or 1ish. The longest running and best session in Manchester. Good standard.

Still going

session is still going on Thursdays and Saturdays…

Went there last thursday … no tunes

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Update November 2011

Yes, there were a few months earlier this year when it was on/off. But now back as before. A dozen or so players last night…great music.

Saturday is still going strong, after so many years. The same mix of players, plus visitors from all over the place.

On both nights it can be quietish but more often you’ll need to be there by 9pm for get a seat. Music carries on well after midnight.


Great; looks like I should be able to pop along after my dinner on Thursday; probably be there after 9, so I’ll squeeze myself into a corner somewhere. See you then. Gary.

Is this session still going? I’m looking to come down this Thursday.

update Feb 2013

Saturdays are still regular at the Jolly. Thursdays, though, are still occasional, when players ring each other up to see if anyone’s going out; probably only a Thursday session once a month or so.

There are now other regular Irish sessions in Manchester. Do email me if you’re passing through and want to know about other nights…


May 2014


There are currently weekly sessions in various venues from Sundays to Thursdays. Do contact me if you’re wanting more info. Cheers,


No more Thursday, but apparently Tuesday…

According to private email from Paul Callick, as of 2015-01-26, there is now a Tuesday session here. ("Irish tunes, advanced level, brisk tempos, Donegal-style. Pipes, fiddles, flutes. Usually 6 or 7 players, mostly oldish players. No more accompanists needed (sorry!)"

Re: The Jolly Angler

Is this session still happening? I went there this past Saturday night and the pub seemed closed, nothing at all happening there…

Re: The Jolly Angler

Hi Joe,

The Saturday night sessions are only occasional now, when people tell each other they’ll be there. Tuesday night sessions are still weekly (been going for five years or so). Once a month there’s a session (organised by Matt Fahey) on Thursday.

Sometimes, it does look like the pub’s closed, when they draw the curtains etc, but it’s open every evening. They do close the doors sometimes when there’s a football match at the Etihad. If the doors are closed shut and it’s mid-evening, do just knock on a window and wave when they check to see who’s outside!

Re: The Jolly Angler

Hi, any danger of a session Thursday 28th Feb or if not anywhere else in Manchester on a Thursday? Thanks in advance.

Re: The Jolly Angler

To all the current session players at ‘The Jolly’
Many of you will know, and recall, Mick Burke from his days at the Clarence sessions. In my opinion, and many others, he was one of the finest five row box players to have ever picked up this mighty instrument up. Sadly, Mick is now terminally ill and being cared for in Clitheroe Community Hospital.
If any still involved in the ‘Jolly Sessions’ know Mick and would like to visit him, at this point in time he would welcome this. Just how long this will be the case remains to be seen but he is in good spirits and is not cowed by his fate. Equally if any would like to share any reminiscences of him on this website and this link - - which can then be relayed to him, this would be appreciated by him and Val.
Steve Burke