The Angel

2, Theatre St, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England

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The Angel

This session has moved from the Kings Head, Woodbridge (but it is literally 100 yards away!) We play every other Wednesday on a strict rotation through the year, and the Angel has its Open Mike singers’ night on the other Wednesdays. So we are playing the next four dates on 24/5/23; 7/6/23; 21/6/23 and 5/7/23.

So that you know what the session is like, I have simply copied and pasted below the description that I put in the Kings Head one, so that you know how we have set it up and what it’s like (PS the beer at the Angel is also very nice 🙂)

As we are just establishing this, I’d like to -without getting all Captain Bligh - explain how we are doing it. It is set up by four of us who live local so that we can play Irish tunes, normal speed but all and any of the tunes we know (and we do know several hundred) . Other musicians are very welcome to come and join in and play their instruments if they know the tunes and I’m happy to tell people on here some of the ones we regularly play. It’s almost certain that during the evening we’ll say ‘Start one of your own, will ye’ but please don’t just wade in and start. It’s not that kind of session and we’d like to keep it that way. I’ve seen too many sessions go free for all and lose all their fun and I’m keen to make sure we keep all the enjoyment it currently gives. And we like to chat and would like this session to retain the social side and not just when of those ‘when can I squeeze in the peculiar one I’ve been dying to start?’ session-like-events where nobody actually talks to each other. So if Bligh hasn’t put you off, come on down. 🙂