Red Fox Inn

Winhall Hollow Road, Bondville, Vermont, USA

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I live in Vermont, but about 2 hours north of Bondville. What is this session like? What time does it start? A few details would be nice 🙂


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Hi, Joyce. It’s now coordinated every Wednesday by fiddler Jill Newton, former member of the "Applejack" contradance band. The seisun originally started as all Irish, but Jill can accomodate many genres depending on who shows up. We enjoy Quebecois. The owner of the establishment chimes in on bones and bodhran. When my husband and I attend, we add hammered dulcimer and keyboard to the mix. I believe fiddles, guitar/banjo, Irish flute/union pipes make up the usual coterie. It starts at around 7:30 and runs usually about 3 hours. Last week we ran later because we lost track of time.
The Red Fox is closed for most of the month of November. I think they have a site to look for on your web browser. Hope to see you there!

Closes down for mud season

The Red Fox Inn is on hiatus for the months of April and May for "Mud Season in the Mountains". No session until after Memorial Day. Same with the month of November each year.

Better check on availability

Better check with Tommy Logan as to whether the Inn is open on a particular Wednesday. Last night the place was deserted. Website is, but it might not be updated regularly.

Re: Red Fox Inn

Anyone know if this session is still alive?