The Burren

247 Elm St., Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

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The Burren

This is one of the few sessions where I’d advise people to leave your instrument at home & just go to hear some great music. Although it is an open session, it’s a small area where the musicians play & the musicians are usually Boston’s finest players on any given night.

Days cut back

I’m in Boston at the moment visiting and I’ve been
told the number of days has been cut back a lot.
I think it’s only Sat, Sun and Mon - maybe less.
Other nights there is a cover band playing 🙁

The Burren

This is a high level plugged in Session featuring anything from Irish to Scottish to Swedish Tunes. It’s more of a Celtic session with a dash of modern american tunes. Most nights end up being mostly Irish or Scottish dominated.

Feel free to come along and bring a lead for your instrument if you’d like to be heard. There is also a pulldown Microphone unit that we are willing to use if need be. If there is space in the PA and, you feel confident about your playing (as it will be heard throughout the whole pub), I’ll plug you in. Otherwise you can always play along on the side!

***I’ll never turn anyone away***
This is social music and I don’t believe in exclusivity!
Of course, being entertainment for patrons, some standards must be held.
If you are up for a louder environment with lots of college kids out partying (And loving the music!), come along. We always have a blast!

Hosted by Eamon Sefton (Guitar/Tenor Banjo) + 2 varying guest musicians every week.

Feel free to email me @

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would like to come to a session.I am from Prince Edward Island and play mostly Scottish and cape breton. Will there be a session on the Sunday of memorial day weekend.

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I listened in on a Saturday afternoon and really enjoyed some lovely tunes.

The only weird thing was that the bar staff would put the stereo on in the pauses between tunes. I don’t know if it was a passive-agressive thing, or if they just can’t stand the lull between tunes, but it was disconcerting.

Re: The Burren

This session ended on Monday, May 6, 2019 after some thirty years when the Green Briar Pub closed. It is now located at the Burren Pub in Somerville. The slow session runs from 6:30-8:30 in the back room and the regular session takes off after that. Photos of the last session at the Briar can be seen in the following link:

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Re: The Burren

Saturday sessions are hosted by Helena Delaney, Tommy Sheridan, and Terry O’Shea at 8:30pm.

Sunday sessions are hosted by Laura Fedderson and Nathan Gourley at 3pm.

Friday sessions are hosted by Eamon Sefton at 9:30pm.

Re: The Burren

There’s a slower intermediate session every Monday at 6:00-8:00 p.m. in the back room. It’s a wonderful group, very welcoming, and just right for giving me a place to push my own tempos a bit without having to go full tilt! Highly recommended if you’ve been learning on your own for a while but still find full-speed intimidating.