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Paddy Reilly’s

Tony DeMarco hosts this session, there are live web-casts of the bar at
It’s live, the session starts around 10pm EST & ends around 2am or so. I’ve had a great time every time I’ve ever been, a must if your in NYC.

Paddy Reilly’s

I went last night (Wednesday, Feb. 2005). Not a session but a performance by a group of three…one guitarist, a girl on the chello and a gentleman who played the irish flute, the uilleann pipes or the Scottish small pipes. They were quite entertaining. They played some seemingly old pieces I had never heard before. I enjoyed the performance quite a bit! They finished up at about midnight.

still hung over…at work!

Paddy Reilly’s

I stopped in for some tunes last Thursday. Tony Di Marco (fiddle) and friends (guitar, bodran, flute, button accordion) were in attendance. I was able to add a whistle to the proceedings. They played from 10pm-2am. It’s doubtful, I will be ever be able to go to Manhattan again without planning my trip around Thursday night at Paddy Reilly’s. Highly recommended!

Only Thursday

Just dropped by on a Wednesday to find an open mic night. Ah well. Nice atmosphere and friendly folk, just no session.


They did confirm the Thursday session, tho.

Session days and times

There is are sessions on every Thursday nights from 10.30 on, also there will be a new Traditional Irish Session starting this Sunday and every Sunday after that, 1pm to 4pm. The session is for beginner, intermediate and expert a like and will have no leader. Players show up and take turns at exchanging tunes in a circular order. Come along, practise and exchange tunes but most of all enjoy playing!

Not a session

Here on a Thursday, and it’s a gig (singer-songwriter), most definitely not a session. Too bad—it’s a cozy little dive.

Actually, there is a session

I guess I jumped the gun a bit. That was the "opening act." There is a mic’ed session at 10:30. Open session, I think, but space onstage is scarce.

Still going strong (2014) and on Tuesdays too

This session is still going strong, according to the bartender, as of 2 January 2014. It starts on Thursdays around 10:30 or 11. A newer Tuesday session starts around 8. Can’t comment as it’s called off tonight for snowstorm Hercules.

Re: Paddy Reilly’s Music Bar

i´ll perhaps be in NYC from end of june til the beginning of july and am looking for sessions there. is this one still going?

Re: Paddy Reilly’s Music Bar

There’s now only something called ‘Irish Culture Night’ on Thursdays.

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