Paddy’s Pub

42 Aberdeen Street, Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Starts around 8 and goes to about 11PM.


Tuesdays, not Wednesdays
Starts at 7, goes to about 9. Sometimes later depending on how the group feels.
Beginning players are made to feel welcome. Very friendly group!

Schedule as of June 2013

Starts around 8 and runs until 10 or later.

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Lots about food, but nothing about music on the website.

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Re: Paddy’s Pub

Session still running 8-10 every Tuesday. Don’t know why the session appears cancelled! Anywhere from 5 to 10 musicians show up each week.

Paddy’s Pub

This session is NOT cancelled, as indicated further on. Still going strong, every Tuesday 8-10. Five to ten musicians show up each week.