Café Bayard

1 Rue Bayard, Grenoble, Rhône-Alpes, France

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Sessions the second and fourth monday of each month

that’s all

Schedule change

Turned up on Monday night for this session, but it’s changed to Tuesdays and is now weekly. Starts between 9 and 10.

session every thuesday, at 9 o’clock

that’s all

Starts again in September

The bartender goes to Brittany in July and August to appreciate music and summertime (and trust me you do NOT want to be at the session anyway - the back room where we play is an inferno when it’s hot outside), but it should start up again in September on a weekly basis. “Slow session” at 8pm: degree of slowness depends on who shows up (towards the end of the year we only had intermediate-advanced players left), but if you’re a beginner, just learn a tune listed on our website in advance and ask people to play it slowly with you, they’ll be happy to do so. We also pick a tune or two each week to work on together during the slow. Fast session starts at 9-9:30 or whenever the more advanced players show up (and it gets FAST). About 10-15 people or even more is typical. Really everything you need to know is in the website, including song partitions, and it gets updated regularly. It’s a great session with great people and I’ve learned tons playing with them this past year!

Re: Café Le Bayard

I went here a week ago with my smallpipes. Lovely, very friendly little session with something for everyone. Great job!

Session are on at Café Le Bayard

A couple of Irish session are happening at Bayard Café every Tuesday. A slow session is hosted starting at 20h00 and a normal session follows around 9h00. There is a web site (in French) that lists the tunes played each week and contains some more information.
All musicians coming to Grenoble are welcomed to join!