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Formerly at the Princess of Wales

We landed lucky last night. We agreed to meet at the Earl of Essex to see if we could play there but when I went in earlier in the week the guvnor didn’t seem too enthusiastic but took my number anyway. I phoned round and changed the meeting to the Chevy Chase and while the first of us were walking in the guvnor there was phoning me having been passed my number by the guvnor of the Earl of Essex!
So we played and he was keen to have us back so the details are:

The Chevy Chase
The Grove
London E15

Its a small pub on the doglog of the old A11 out of Stratford towards Leytonstone and is almost opposite Maryland Station (mainline) about 10 minutes walk from Stratford for the Underground.

Apparently there is a session there on Fridays too which I intend to investigate.

St Patrick’s Night

PJ is worried about the safety of the musicians on this night plus it will be just too noisy to play so we are moving to Friday night just for this week. We may play elsewhere locally on Thursday - watch this space.

Chevy Chase Session on Friday this week

Just to remind you we’re not on on Thursday for reasons of comfort and safety but will be on on Friday. I haven’t been able to arrange an alternative location for Thursday.

Chevy Chase - change of day for one week

Due to a charity night this week’s session is cancelled. However, Goretti Anglim will be leading a session on Sunday 30th October at 3pm

There will be a session tomorrow (Sunday 27th Nov) at 2pm hosted by Goretti Anglim. Apparently there will also be one on Sunday 18th December.

The Chevy Chase

I must remember to add subject lines…. see above (or is it below?)

Chevy Chase

No session tonight (15th) but there will be one on Sunday 18th at 2pm

Sunday Sessions

PJ is running Sunday afternoon sessions starting at 2pm once a month. Unfortunately he does give much notice of these.
They are being led by Goretti Anglim who often brings daughter Carlene and son Richard. She intends to invite a guest musician each time to act as co-leader.

Chevy Chase session extended

This now seems to be occuring weekly from 2.30pm.

!7th March - The Chevy Chase

There will be a session from about 4 to 6.

The Sunday session for this week (Easter) has been shifted to Monday.

Chevy Chase Sunday

The Sunday session is now on hold for the summer due to the GAA games.

Thank you!

I had a great time yesterday. You were great great musicians as well as great people. Too bad I just had about an hour to spend there. I hope we could meet again (when I have updated my tune repertoire, maybe?).

All the best from the Norwegian guy,

Chevy Chase

There will be no session on the 17th August as too many people are away.

Is this session still alive as I’ll be moving close by in the next month or so and am imterested in getting involved.
Micky D

The Chevy Chase, London, E15

There is a session this Sunday (4th Nov) at 2pm led by Brian Kelly and Goretti Anglim

Music sessions

The Thursday Irish Traditional session has been going long and strong.
The Sunday session is now well established. It has some great musicians - some who come regularly and visiting players. Such good music, such fun and a great welcoming atmosphere. Try it out!

Sunday session times

Usually between 4.00 and 7.00pm

Chevy chase to become a strip joint?

Our local session is under threat. The venue, The Chevy Chase in Stratford, London, UK may be turned into a lap-dancing club or strip joint if a planning application by it’s owners succeeds.

If you live in or near the area and would care to object to the application please PM me and I will send you details of who to object to. The objection must be lodged before 26th June.

Paul - why not post this issue as a Discussion?

I understand the site rules to mean it should be posted here.

Chevy Chase session moving to the Golden Fleece

The Thursday night session has moved to the Golden Fleece, 166, Capel road, London E12 5DB. This is an old country pub on Wanstead Flats, quite comfortable with well kept beers. About 5 minutes walk from Manor Park Station and in easy reach of quite a few bus routes.