King O’Malley’s

131 City Walk, Canberra, Act, Australia

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Session Time

Gets underway around 5PM.

Great session!!

so good..advanced and learners alike…
great fun.


Are there any usual sets that are played?

Tuesday also

In the past few months, this session also runs on Tuesday nights
from about 6.30 onwards. The Tues one has a different leader and
different "regulars"

Common sets and tunes at O’Malley’s

This is way overdue, but I’m doing it:

Some tune sets often heard at O’Malleys. There are many more
tunes and sets played than this, but these seem to pop up a lot
and are in my repertoire:

Tommy Coen’s
Maudabawn Chapel
Hunter’s House

Knotted Cord
Green Gates

Sailor’s Bonnet

The Night old Larry Got Stretched
Marie Rua
Hardiman the Fiddler

Tatterjack Walsh
Cook in the Kitchen

Crowley’s #1
Crowley’s #2

Sergeant Early’s Dream
Paddy Fahey’s

Battering Ram
Larry Redican’s Bow (Legacy)

The Night in Ennis
Return to Camden Town

Plough and the Stars
The Old Bush

Yellow Wattle
Pat McKenna’s
Christy Barry’s

Wise Maid

Old Copperplate

Donegal Reel

Trim the Velvet

Stack of Barley
Home Ruler
Kitty’s Wedding

Rambing Pitchfork
Mug of Brown Aile
Connagut Man’s Rambles

Plains of Boyle
Off to California

Toss the Feathers (D maj)
Toss the Feathers (E min)

Queen of the Fair
Will You Come Home with Me
Statia Donnelly

Pipe on the Hob #1
Pipe on the Hob #2

George White’s Favourite
Bird in the Bush
O’Connell’s Trip to Parliament

Ships are Sailing
Crooked Road to Dublin

Humours of Ballyconnell
Cup of Tea

Miss Monahan
Corner House
Earl’s Chair

Green Mountain
Drunken Landlady
Road to Rio

Swinging on a Gate
Concertina Reel
First House in Connaught

Humours of Tulla

Willie Coleman’s
Pipe on the Hob #1
Cliffs of Moher

Some "standalone" tunes:

Choice Wife
Christmas Eve
Nine Points of Roughery
Dowd’s No. Nine
Duke of Leinster
Farewell to Erin
Rolling Waves
Consideine’s Grove
White Petticoat
Morrison’s Jig
Strayaway Child
Silver Spire
Father Kelly’s (Rossmore Jetty)
Gravel Walks
Banish Misfortune
Anything for John Joe
Stone of Destiny
Kid on the Mountain
Rights of Man
Chief O’Neill’s Favourite
Musical Priest
Trip to Sligo
Old Favourity
Launching the Boat
Roving Bachelor
Scattery Island
Graf Spee
Virginia Reel
Gold Ring

Also, this almost goes without saying, you
should learn these tunes at some stage if you
are new to Irish Trad:


Sorry about the typos in the list above - if some of the tune
names seem odd, I probably misspelled or mistyped them.

The Tues. night one really doesn’t get going until about 8.45
now (Nov 2011).

The Sun one roars along from just before 5:00pm until 7.30 ish,
sometimes going as late as 8:30

Still going strong

Both these sessions are still going strong. The Tues
one can be pretty sparse with only 2-3 people sometimes.
The Tues one is slow paced with lots of chat and a few songs.

The Sun one is full on - ceili band pace most of the time.


Pete and Sue are leaving town in Jan or
Feb to drive a caravan ‘round Australia.
There are plenty of good musos around
here so the show will go on I hope.

Moving to Canberra

Hey Guys,

I’m an Irish banjoist moving from brisbane to canberra for work and looking for a place to learn some tunes! Is this meet still happening? When I say banjoist…I’ve played guitar for about 17years and picked up a tenor about 8 months ago. I know 3-4 tunes as it is (havent had enough time at it) so I’m super keen to get at it more. Some of these I have off failry good, others not so good. I’m also looking to learn some good technique.

Banish Misfortune
Masons Apron
Saddle the Pony
Donnybrook Fair
McAlpines Fusiliers
Roddy MacCorley
The Irish Rover
Down the Braes/Centenary March

Moving to Canberra

Hi gooldin

Where are ye? Come round to the session any Sunday from 5pm onwards or else any Tuesday from about 8:45pm.

Hi Mark,

Yeah I’ve been to the tuesday session a few times for a pint. Great music! Trouble is, I wouldnt be up to the standard of sitting in on that just yet! I was hoping I could find someone who would be willing to meet up for a bit of a jam / learning to try get up to scratch!

No-show musicians

A very nice pub, they had considerately (even though they were crowded) reserved a table for the "Irish jam", but nobody (other than me, too jet-lagged to play solo) showed up. Evidently this has been going on for a few weeks now…

Tried again last night — it appears that the Tuesday night session is dead, at least for the time being.

Re: King O’Malley’s

Is this still the case for the Tuesday session?

Re: King O’Malley’s

The Tuesday night session no longer operates. It could be revived, but
it needs a committed anchor to be there every week.

Re: King O’Malley’s

Thats a shame. Thanks Mark.
How about the sunday 5pm session?

Is there anyone around that could tutor some tenor banjo?