The Princess Royal

25 Abbey Road SW19, Wimbledon, London, England

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The Princess Royal Session

Starts this Friday 9pm and then every ‘last fri of the month’, with Decembers’ one on fri 17th.

It follows in the wake of Kane O’Rourke’s leaving do, set in a friendly back-street pub where the young owners are great friends of Kane’s band _Hungry Grass, and love the trad and the crack …

… just a reminder

Tonight again at ”Paddy’s bar”, nine ‘til lateish

Last month got off to a nice little start with temp. host Christian on box with guitar, bodhran and a few vocalists including great local character ‘Sunny’ _one of the old school

… piper in session

it was great to hear the pipes again in session ( _i love them to death) last friday at ”paddy’s” _doubling on flute, along with flute / fiddle, fiddle, flute, box, mandolin, 2 guitars (incl. a vocalist) and 3 bodhrans ( _not all at once, but one of them had an ‘unbelievable tone’)

some players came in from ealing, sutton, surbiton and leatherhead _a fair ol’ distance for a few ol’ tunes

and a strong vocalist with character, peter coughlan (offaly) sang a few stan rogers songs amongst others in amongst the tunes …

a lovely atmosphere, drinks for the musicians, and no heed on the time, it’s found it’s feet

the dec date is out, so the next one will be on fri 28th jan ‘05

happy new year skinheads

… ghost fiddler

‘bigdave’ will you ever forgive me?

your ‘fiddle’ and the box led the way on that inaugural night, oct 29th, and how on earth could i have missed you when nothing else in the pub could?

… maybe a moment of mayo madness (and it wouldn’t be the first)

and i’ll tell you this much, i’m not the ‘pied piper’ either

The lone fiddler…………….

Well I turned up at the Princess Royal looking for ‘Sonny’ (alias ‘The Godfather’) because his relatives were over from Ennis. I knew there were some good vibes when Paddy gave me a free drink at the sight of a fiddle case….
Eventually caught up with Sonny in the Kilkenny. And then back to the Princess Royal for a session of singing and fiddling. I’ll tell you what though - it’s hard being the only musician in the place. Why does everyone want to try to play the thing after their fifth pint of Guinness? Do they not realise that Rome wasn’t built in a day?


Just a reminder that the session’s on this Friday. Had a fine time before; and what with it not being a school night, some rather fine IPA on tap and the likes of Peter and Brendan for musical company, it’s difficult to say no really.

St patricks week

‘hungry grass’ ( _the loud outfit) is playing here on st patricks day from 12 midday, only as they have three gigs to fit in …

then on friday ( _the hair of the dog) there’s an open, acoustic session from 1pm _all musians welcome and very welcome they are too

… not forgetting the following friday (25th, being ‘good friday’) for the usual session here

for past, present and future heads at this pub, the patrons paddy and nicky wish ye all the best of luck …

Dust bitten

yet another session ”bites the dust” as here (i’m informed) a few months ago

but not to worry, there’ll be great sessions here yet to come as the one-off ”sneaky” ones i’ve found over the years take beating

and as a great inclusivist, they won’t be that sneaky either as i’ll let the board yellow know _ after all, isn’t it the greenist ‘yellow page’ on the net?

Pub closed…

Sadly this fab local pub is now closed.