St. Brendan’s Inn & Pub

234 S. Washington St., Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

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St. Brendan’s session

It starts 8 or 8:30 p.m. A fledgling session — come help us out.

Hey Paul - great to hear that you’ve started your own sesh! What instruments form the core group? Good luck with this!

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oh, sorry, Will, I didn’t notice you’d added to this. It’s most of the time a fiddle, a flute and a guitar, though we’re often joined by two other fiddlers and sometimes someone who fiddles a bit and plays whistle. We’ve had guitarists try it out, but none are used to Irish tunes and haven’t been back a 2nd time. It’d be nice to get more players.


We had our last one last night (10 Nov. 05). Couldn’t muster participation in these desolate parts.


OK, so we’re back up, on Sunday afternoons. The hard part is our start-time varies — sometimes noon, sometimes 3:30. That may stabilize after Jan. 1, 2007. Meanwhile, call ahead. Or just come early and, if it starts late, pass the time by drinking.

Still happening?

Hi, is this session still happening?

Out of service

No, we stopped that session quite a while ago — never really managed to draw enough players to make it fun.

Looking for some tunes

Hello, I’m an experienced player (flute) from NY. I’ll be working in Appleton for a few months, and would like to find a decent session. Any way to get in touch with other ceoltoiri in the area?