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Molly Malone’s

Nice open session Thursday night, high level but welcoming.

Still there?

Can anyone confirm if this session still exists?

it most definitely exists! it’s a great session. it is run by john and theresa shine, brother and sister.

last time i was there a bunch of kids came (somebody’s students) and it was a blast to see their devotion, skills, and lack of attention span.

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Thursday session, still happening?

I will be visiting the Chicago area last 2 weeks of Aug and my fiddle and I are hoping to get some music in. Is this session still happening? If so what time does it generally get going?

Still happening?

Does this session still exist? Who can i contact for information?



Yep, it’s still going!

Still going strong…

This session is indeed still going strong, every Thursday starting at 8pm.

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Re: Molly Malone’s

Molly Malone’s changed owners and name to Brian Baru which has since closed.