Power’s Bar

332 Kilburn High Road, Kilburn, London, England

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Powers’ Bar session

Every Sunday, an early evening session 4-7pm, lovely setting, atmosphere and feel to this one (plus drinks)

I really enjoyed my first visit a fortnight ago backing up 3 fiddles ( _one fairly distinguished), 2 boxes, a piper, banjo, mandolin and something else …

It’s hosted by London-based bodhran / vocalist Kieran Bradley (Belfast) of ‘Aisling’, who started it up 8.5 yrs ago and told me that ”it’s one of this town’s best kept secrets” _not any more

… and this entry has his full blessing of course

Power’s session

more of the same _with 4 fiddles & vocalists, box, banjo / guitar, mandolin, bodhran and guitar _and i thought it was grand

I’d never submitted this one because I assumed somebody would already have done it.

How is Bradley these days? The last I heard he was off the dhrink and all the better for it. Tell him Mackay was asking after him.

Sure wouldn’t we all be the better for it? I remember a place I used to log on to called the Virtual Irish Pub - usually at 2 in the morning after a heavy night on the sauce. God, the bullscheidt I spouted there! I was always afraid to check the next day and see what I’d written. Many an arse-clenching moment at my own expense.

…unfortunatey I’ve done that here sometimes! (less often of late, right enough) - at least J keeps on top of the situation).

Session power

don’t ask me about the big glass picture that fell off the brick wall at the end _that was weird (sunday gone)

but a nice ‘powerful’ session with good form in 5 fiddles (1 did a set on banjo), box, banjo / mandolin, mandolin / whistle, pipes / whistle, guitar, 2 bodhrans and a few songs

kieran sends his best regards danny

and let me know if your playing a session locally, our tune or two is overdue, and we’re not even two miles or something apart …

just a quick update, another fine session here (a fortnight ago) with 5 fiddles, whistle, piper / whistle, banjo, box, mandolin / whistle, guitar and bodhran

followed by two sessions in north london

A bunch of good tunes

The players at this session besides being very cheerful and welcoming to a lost American have excellent taste in tunes and theres a more than enough talent to go around to back it up. And they have Strongbow on tap which is perfect for a sweettooth lightweight like me. Anyway, plan to go back as well as hit the Hanwell session at The Duke of York tonight.

New Session !

After changing hands for a bit, and a bit of a refurb, Power’s Bar is now back open and the session back on Sunday afternoons from 1 o’clock until 4 ! Musician include Paddy Gallagher on guitar, Paul O’Sullivan on box and Ben Gunnery on fiddle. All welcome, good craic !
Paul !