The Lounge

Mounthooly Street, Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland

  • Schedule: Wednesday.

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Da Lounge Sessions

Has been a great session pub for years, Wednesday nights have become popular in recent years, and also Saturday afternoons. The late Ronnie Cooper was a regular attender on piano, and Hom Bru, Fiddlers Bid, and Filska regularly turn up when they are home about. Peerie Willie Johnson the legendery guitarist also appears occasionally, but not to play so much nowadays.

I went to this session on 18th June 1997, after attending the Shetland Fiddlers’ Society’s weekly recital. A few of the fiddlers in the recital came along (a young chap called Doug was among them), Willie Johnson was there (on piano) and there was a mandolin player called Christine, who left shortly after I arrived. There was also a very nice Swedish family, with a 17-year-old virtuoso multi-instrumentalist son, who seemed to be able to play all of the Shetland session repertoire on his clarinet(!).

Re: The Lounge

With over 11 years going by since the last posted comment, one might get the impression that this session had withered away. However, I was told by numerous people at the 2016 Orkney Folk Festival that "The Lounge" was THE place to be on Wednesday evenings, if my wife and I were going up to Shetland.

Alas, our travel plans did not allow us to attend this event.

We were told that if you are planning to travel to Shetland, you can contact The Shetland Times (the weekly newspaper) to get an update on session schedules.