County Clare Irish Pub

Ozaki Bldg . 2F,2-15-21 Akebono-cho,Tachikawa-shi,Tokyo, Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan

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This is an open session that has just begun at this new Pub. Right now, it looks like the session will be on the last Tuesday of the month at 8:00pm. Once the session gets off the ground I’ll post more info.

County Clare, Tachikawa—last Tuesdays, 8-11pm

County Clare "last-Tuesday of the month" session has started up again since June, the 3rd month after a half-year hiatus.

It’s a very small session yet & the pub is very quiet. I.e., the acoustics could hardly be better.
Tunes/songs are mostly Irish, or other Celtic-related; large majority *not* at Grand-Prix speeds, medium level, newbies to seasoned tune-heads, depending on who’s not working overtime.
More musicians and listeners, local yokels and visitors welcome. If you’d like to visit, please do!
You can drop us a line, c/o thesession.


Still meeting every last Tues/mo., almost two years now. Good bunch of folks, musicians’ experience 3 - 28 years.. Pub offers hospitality of one 500 yen pint/ musician ($5), about half-price.
Do drop in, or inquire for directions, etc.

Moving to Atsugi — Need Help

I’m moving to Atsugi this year and I am looking for sessions like yours in the area west of Tokyo (or Tokyo). Once I get settled in, I will contact you guys in Tachikawa.

If possible, can someone send me their email address so I can get more info? Mine is clamchowdah (at) gmail (dot) com.

I appreciate your help.


是非またTokyoに来てぇ… 一度でもダウさんに会いたいです!
Please do come again & this time to County Clare-pub on a last Tues/mo. — we’d love to meet you, Dow! Cheers,


Yahda come!

The past two summer months at County Clare, Tachikawa, we’ve had capable session leaders Kaoru-Carl Nakajima and Hiroyuki-Kieran Yamada (slainte!) taking Jim’s place.. Carl’s in Cape Breton now.. Jim’ll be back again.
Al few new faces & tunes give a shot in the arm – fiddler & squeezer - fluter’s elbow, that is.
Use a little more restraint on the money & tobacco, Dow, and we’ll look forward to seeing you – save up that stash & get over here!

DISCONTINUED after five years..

..I wouldve kept it going if I could’ve.. :- ]

Instead, another one has popped up – 4th Thursdays at Ikebukuro Dubliners!
Please see session postings for Tokyo.